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  • Admin: [..] It offers enormous odds and, mostly, a monumental live betting that worth BET365. The other huge advantage of that bookmaker is its streaming offer. A countless amount of events is available for free in live video, full screen and excellent quality[..]

    Js0ss : [..] My favorite bookmaker!!! Or rather … my favorite soccer streaming website! cheers[..]

    Guroz : [..] hello, I’ve registered on 1XBET very good site, especially the live betting,[..]

  • MArcus : It’s without any doubt one of the bookmaker offering the best odds on the sport betting sector. In addition, it’s possible to register and follow all the sports in streaming even without deposit, it’s free so no need to subscribe to paying channels like bein or [..]

    Betting admin: [..] I’ve never heard of the betting website. Obviously, this website is not authorized or licensed by the Gambling Commission … I conclude that the English gamblers are not safe on this bookmaker, I strongly advice to avoid 1xbet[..]

    jupp88 : Hi, went to see and I find that it’s not very clear, there are a lot of different things and honestly, I get a little confused Rolling Eyes, on the other hand the registration was super-fast. I don’t know, I don’t see myself make a deposit I do not trust it so much.

    Seby : [..]1xbet has not a so great reputation. First, I do not know if we have the right to go on it since it’s not accepted by the Gambling Commission. We can make deposit there is certainly no problem, but if we win, nothing says that we will be able to withdraw and we cannot do anything about it. Personally, I will not go [..]

  • Funj : 1xbet really great and no need of intermediary

    Olu : I confirm, tip top book! Very great odds, sometimes better than Pinnacle.

    Jurek (admin) : Indeed, you are not dreaming, the 1xbet book accepts English without problem, so the VPN is useless. About the transactions, no problem, that you use neteller (most convenient solution), the BC, webmoney, etc. … For the minimum amount by bet it should be around 0.50 pound or 1 pound. [..]

    Dallahi : In any case they are very reactive, they count a false prognostic on a scorer, I asked at 0h15 (in English) I had a response with apologies (in English) and the problem was solved at 0h31.

On specialized websites

  • Notation: 7/10

    Extract: The 1XBet bookmaker, although very heavy on its ergonomic, still is very competitive on the betting market, especially when you compare its odds with other. Nothing surprising when you know that it’s not licensed by the Gambling Commission. Indeed, this authority imposing so much handicapping regulation on a lot of bookmakers. Only the English players living outside England are authorized to gamble on this platform.

  • Notation: 9/10

    Extract: The number 1 advantage of 1xbet is simple: it’s one of the few betting platforms off Gambling Commission available in England. And whoever says non-Gambling Commission says better odds for your bets.

  • Notation: 9/10

    Extract: 1xbet is an easy to use platform. A great facility to navigate with a vast choice of bets that you will very easily find in a few clicks. Only negative point, no live betting proposed but the odds make quickly forget that inconvenient, it exists however a website with a platform for livebetting 1xbet Website currently not available in English.

  • Notation: 8/10

    Extract: It’s surprising to notice that, despite of only few years of experience, the 1xbet website managed to positively impose itself on the gaming and betting industry. Being the only one to propose so much payment solutions for the financial transactions and a game catalog well supplied, it deserves every positive opinion that its players give to it on the discussion forums.

  • Notation: Aucune

    Extract: The betting website 1xbet is very complete. It presents a so easy to use interface that every beginner will master it easily. A notification service to guide yourself is available. An online chat to answer all your concerns and a 24h/24 available support.

  • Notation: 10/10

    Extract: Russian booky that allows English players and has an European gaming license. 1xBet is physically present in Russia, indeed they have more than 1000 live betting offices. It proposes odds that should made most other operators jealous. It’s also possible to bet by phone.

  • Notation: Aucune

    Extract: Thanks to 1xBet, I can not only bet on a victory, but also on several probabilities about the game progress. With its large eSport catalog, I can so easily make my choice on this website. Little plus: I’m able to gamble on a substantial number of games and do this several times to win even more.

for everyone

What can be retained

In a general way, the players that don’t like the offer are those that didn’t try it! With reason if they are not comfortable to register on a foreign bookmaker. But they certainly don’t know that, as player they risk nothing because it’s the operator that can be attacked by the GAMBLING COMISSION and not the English player.

I didn’t find testimony talking about scam or trickery on 1xbet among the players actually using it. Sometimes there are problems on payment solutions or to understand what information’s to provide to register, but they are classical problems meet everywhere. The gambler will enjoy the very above the other bookmakers in .en odds and the live, but it’s true that the interface is a little bit messy on the common opinion.