The live betting come with streaming broadcasting, allowing you to watch soccer (Ligue 1, the Liga, the series A, …), NBA, tennis games and a lot more sports for free. The betting website is totally translated in English and its support is also in English. Additionally to offering the best odds, this foreign bookmaker offers a welcome bonus without time limitation, an ultra-fast registration and a lot of payment solutions, including Neteller. The withdrawals are immediate and free of taxes. The gambling and live betting website offers in addition several challenges and regular offers for the active players.

To register on a alternative, you need to use an updated link like this one:

Bet now on a 1xbet

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All 1xbet© in one look

Vast betting offer
Bonuses on loosing bets
Big choice of payment solutions (but not PayPal)
Accepts English

Using 1xBet© as live betting bookmaker means going with the physical network of Russian offer. The online offer is indeed the extension of more than 1000 gambling shops in the Slavic country. The Russian giant experience is not to be questioned. Russians are not used to bother with other country rules and it’s exactly what is happening with 1xBet©. Even if the website keeps you from register in the first time, you just have to use an affiliated link like this updated on this website to register, even if the GAMBLING COMISSION blocks the website.

Mini FAQ

  • Is it possible to register without using a VPN?
    Yes, the website accepts the English IP
  • Can I register with an English address?
    Yes, the website is not blocked (with this page link)
  • What are the odds levels?
    At the Pinnacle level, that is among the highest.
  • Is it reliable about the money transactions?
    Yes, I was able to make deposits and withdrawals immediately and without fees.
  • What is the minimum bet?
  • What is the minimum deposit?

Read the totality of frequently asked questions about 1xBET©


Welcome on 1xBet© - First impressions

The first impression about the home page is not so great if you reach it from a desk computer. The registration process is simple and fast, but it’s not very beautiful. The conception is not great and there are menus everywhere that are not moving together. The bookmaker’s side elements about languages are useless and repeated in the top bar. There is no animation, no interactive field. Only prospective naked links are available. In most of the menus, the font is too small, but the website is totally translated in English. apps

Nevertheless, this minimalist website has its advantages. Even with a low internet speed, like most of the mobile connections, the page load very fast. During the registration as a new customer, you will be seduced by the process.

There are three separate ways to subscribe. The classic method is by going through a simple form that looks like those on other bookmaker’s websites. There is also the possibility to register using social networks. The difference with other online betting websites is that, not only Facebook is available, but also Google Plus and two other social networks.

The third method is very innovative, it assures a one minute registration. It only needs a phone number or an email and a password. The website access is then immediately given. All the rest of the information’s will be provided later and you will instantly be able to make a deposit. There is no code sent to you that you need to validate like the bookmakers in At the moment of our test, this process worked well. This procedure is very enjoyable and 1xBet© get pretty good points for this innovation.

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Does 1xBET© offers a betting bonus?

The answer is clearly yes. New customers get a 100 % bonus for their first deposit. The maximum amount is 100 pounds and will be put on the bet account. If you make a first deposit of 100 for example, you can begin right away with a 200 pounds credit. On the other hand, before being able to withdraw you need to fulfill the 1xBet© conditions.

how to get the bonus

They are relatively light: the 1xbet bonus must be gambled three time. A difficulty is that the combined bets are not counted to unlock the welcome offer. But with three bets on the favorites, the condition can be quickly met. Good point: there is no time limit to unlock the betting condition. Thanks to refer to the website conditions since it’s possible that they changed since the writing of our article.

The previous bonus was reserved for new customers but there are also some interesting offers for the existing clients. For example, you can have the reward called 1xRace to gamble on some designated bets every day and for free bets. There is also the promotion allowing you after losing 20 with a minimum odd of 2 £ in 30 days, a bonus credit of 100 £. If you try to face this challenge, you will see that it is not so easy to do because there is nonetheless a condition of a maximum odds of 3.

The bets and odds range

football leagues

The fundamental competence of a bookmaker is not bonuses or display. The passionate player doesn’t care of these because on the long term it doesn’t really matter. Only the betting range and the odds level are important. Compared to the bookmaker in the GAMBLING COMISSION, it’s certain that the gambling possibilities are huge, and compared to the other .com books, 1xBet© is higher than average. The number of possible bets is crazy: there are more than 300 ways to gamble on any important soccer game. About the other sports or the smaller encounters the bets range is in the average. Around special betting and speculative bets there are nevertheless some treasures that seems unique to this bookmaker, it’s up to you to discover them.

To estimate the odds level and make a relevant comparison, you must compare with international websites outside England. If you take soccer with 1N2, you will see that 1xbet© is better than Bet365 and Otobet but comparable to Pinnacle. Nevertheless, since this last one was not available to English players, the choice is easy to make.

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Live betting on 1xBet©

A very good surprise with 1xBet is the live betting. Although the interface relative to this type of bet seems a little confusing for the players at first sight, it’s only because there are a lot more details directly visible than on most of other providers. The changing odds alerts, the diverse options and the multiple bets options make the web portal almost unrecognizable. It’s clear that the options disposition could have been done in a better and simpler way, with drop down menu for example or the possibility to adjust this interface.

Live bet 1 on 3
Live bet 2 on 3
Live bet 3 on 3

So, the live bets of 1xbet© are recommended, and I was myself surprised because it’s the bookmaker known odds. An interesting thing is the management of the multi-screen, which is a rare feature, at least I’ve never seen it in the GAMBLING COMMISSION bookmaker’s websites. Thereby, when several sport meetings of the same or different discipline take place in the same time, even in different country, you will be able to follow them and adapt or make your bets in live. A maximum of 4 lives streams can be follow in the same time.

What are the other betting types proposed

With its dedicated spot on the menu, you will be able to make financial bets and to gamble on virtual games which are the eSport encounters. There are even tv shows copies and live Russian tv games. There are also a lot of online casinos and cards games or mini games with instantaneous profit. I don’t recommend using them because, even if the rate of redistribution is high, the wining odds are low. Only a very few gamblers use it, and they use the jackpots. The slot machines are very well made and you will be able to use them in free mode or with a few free chances offered by the website.

The website offers a vast panel of chance or skill games like backgammon or mini lot. All these distractions, with the roulette game are in my opinion to avoid. Note that I think that it should have been more interesting to find poker tables, because with the increasing registered players number, this distraction will have been interesting (especially if the website applies few rake like it does on the sport bets).

Payment solutions and applications

The bookmaker proposes a very long list of deposit and withdrawal methods and it’s evident that a lot of these are made for the Russian market. It’s interesting to notice the Skrill, Neteller and several other bitcoins operator’s presence, or of EcoPays or Payeer. The classical blue card and bank transfer are also available. The only missing call is PayPal. You can trust 1xBET©, it pays its players and is always in the precise delays. It’s part of a trustworthy website good reputation.

withdrawal methods

The bookmaker proposes three free mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows phone. There are based on the classical website uses. Hereby, the adaptation is not so hard. The mobile applications are fortunately available in English and their use is very simple and give access to all the website options, even the streaming.

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Conclusion of the review

Trying 1xbet© is adopting it. This Russian operator is well established in its country and, because of the Curacao regulation of which it is a part from, it’s a very safe online betting website. Of course, there is always a risk that the English authorities decide to block the website address system which regularly changes and resists to local regulations for the moment. You should enjoy the live betting, the great odds and regularly withdraw your earnings to limit this risk. About the offer itself, everything is great from the moment you’re getting used to the messy interface.

What really impressed me is the live betting. The representation of the games statistics is very well made. The multi views allowing you to watch 4 live betting in a single window, option which however certainly exist on the other bookmaker’s website, is also very interesting.