My gambling experience with 1xbet©

The most key facts about 1xbet© in one look:

Entirely English website
Up to 300 options for each game
100 pounds bonus for each new client
Promotion for existing clients
Sport and casino game
Very good review on internet about 1xbet©

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Betting offer: a vast choice on soccer and hockey

By watching the 1xbet© betting offer, it appears that the bookmaker proposes a lot more than the other classical soccer bookmakers, the ice hockey selection is, I think, exceptional. But there are also 20 other sports, so that every gambler can find its own happiness.
The soccer offer includes every known league in the entire world. There is also the possibility to bet on amateur leagues from various country. The hockey is especially well represented, so is the tennis and the basketball. The typical American sports as American football and baseball are also well represented.

About the European division games, 1xbet© offers more than 300 betting options. The professional will thereby gamble the various Asian handicaps bets. The hockey fan can choose, for example, with the NHL matches, hundreds of options.

You also should not forget about the welcome bonus whose conditions are not those that we are used to but that can be interesting from the moment where you understand them. The conditions are very simple and clear. Before cashing-out the bonus amount, which correspond to your first deposit up to a maximum of 100 £, it must be gambled at least three time on several bets. You will need to make at least three selections on combined bets. And finally, the odds need to be at least of 1,40 for every game or encounter selected. Notice that if you don’t meet the conditions, no payment can be made on the past bets with the bonus money, that is directly credited on the player account.

There are also several various offers after having enjoyed this welcome bonus that are, this time, available on many types of bets and sports. There is, for example, a free bet as gift for your birthday.

Client support: live chat, phone and email

support choice

Recently, the website got an English support. In our experience, you can consider having a help in the day. The chat is free. During the peak periods, we recommend using this method in order to have an immediate response. The staff is very friendly and will take enough time to give you a decent answer. You will also find a 0800 (free) number. The requests for information’s by mail can also be done in English for problems necessitating print screens for example. From my experience, you will get an answer in 24 hours. Don’t forget to check the 1xbet© website FAQ, it summarizes the essential of the problems met by the players.

Deposits and withdrawals

Transfering money on the bookmaker account can be done using a hundred of payment solutions in total. It however includes a lot of little-known services that correspond to national solutions. You will see that the essential is there with the payment by credit card, ecoPayz, UpayCard or the bank transfer. There is however no possibility to pay from a Neteller, Skrill or even PayPal account. On the other hand, the minimum deposit is very low with only one pound. The deposits by electronic means like Bitcoin or Litcoin are also possible.

About the withdrawals, there is about the same list with, in addition, Neteller and Skrill, and, overall, the website doesn’t take any commission. In my experience, an earning withdrawal of more than 1000 £ was made on my Neteller account instantaneously. The website covers itself and announce a maximum of 5 days on some transfer solutions. There is really no trouble about that and I wish that every bookmaker is that simple to use.

Easy withdrawal

Safety and integrity

Surely saying that taking online bets on a Russian website is not very reassuring. You can also think the opposite by telling that, at least England or Europe will not make an additional law that will limits ourselves in a way or another. Me, I think it’s reassuring that the administrations are not aware of what I earn with the sport betting. In my experience, everything is going well. It’s also reassuring to think about the fact that the bookmaker is above all a physical brand of nearly 1000 shops and that it will not close overnight. Similarly, it proposes a secured connection in https and SSL like every establishment allowing financial transactions. If you are still not reassured, you can always regularly withdraw or look after other testimonies on internet about 1xbet©.

The odds on 1xbet©

The proposed odds are the most important criteria of quality for the big players. 1Xbet© is excellent on this point, especially about soccer. About the big European league and the Champions league, you will rarely find better ratios, on Pinnacle maybe and still (except that Pinnacle doesn’t accept the English gamblers). In my experience, 1xbet© is unbeatable on the Over/Under and it’s not worth the shot to register elsewhere while everything is available on this bookmaker. It’s the same about live betting.

In general, the odds value is furthermore very stable on 1xbet© thanks to its enormous online physical players mass. Even with very exotics sports, the ratio rarely falls under the 90 % level.

for everyone

The live betting

About the live betting section, the selection is huge, but is presented in a little bit confused way. The soccer fan can gamble on almost every game in live time. It’s an undeniable asset of 1xbet© in comparison with its competitors that are often limited by the broadcasting rights relatives to the encounters. You’re guessing that 1xbet© doesn’t really care about the tv channel’s rights that broadcast these games, but in every case, it’s all good for us. There are even broadcasts of chess and eSport games, allowing you to bet in live. It’s also possible to switch of cameras on some sports.
Furthermore, the principal elements of every game are presented in a synthetic graphical animation, helping you to decide. In live betting mode, the bookmakers allow you to gamble on 70 various betting types depending on the selected sport:

Live betting page view

The betting limits

It’s an important characteristic for the regular or professional players. Unfortunately, yes, I tested it, the website imposes limits, but up to 100 000 £ of potential profit! (I’ve tested with the combined bets). I also had a very good combination that made my bankroll up to time 10 and I was however not limited. So, everything seems fine for the high limits and I’ve never heard about restricted accounts or profit problems.
About the minimum amount to bet, it’s set up at 1£, but what’s the point?

The other betting possibilities outside the sport selection

In addition to sport bets, the bookmaker offers other gambling possibilities but mainly pure hazardous games. You will see a lot (too much?) invitations to try these on the website. You will find almost every online casino games with slot machines and live roulette. I’m not an expert, but it seems very beautiful. I’ve seen game table like blackjack but no poker, which would have been the only game of this type to interest me. There are also bingo and speed games.

The eSport fan will also find their happiness with a coverage that seems to me complete about the big arena games, FPS or even strategy games. There again I’m no expert but, for making the comparison with Pinnacle, there are about as much games covered.

for everyone

Conclusion about my gambling experience

In general, 1xbet© is great. I would however save it for players that are already used to live betting and that are knowing what they do. It’s perfect for the English bettors that want to increase their incomes and game experience. The choice, the odds, the limits, the live, everything is great after a little time of adaptation. On the other hand, its interface is clearly to change and it can be a constraint for the beginners. Personally, I left other bookmakers and stop bothering with a VPN to access offers that were often less good. At the end of the day, it’s all good.