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The complete FAQ of 1X BET©

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Resume of the frequently asked questions

Can I register without using a VPN?
Yes, the bookmaker accepts English ip.

Can I withdraw my benefits?
Yes, there is no problem and the payment solutions are numerous.

Does the website accept Neteller and Skrill?
Yes, but only to withdraw.

Does it propose handicapped bets?

  • Can I register without using a VPN?
    Yes, the bookmaker accepts English ip.
  • Does 1xBet posses a GAMBLING COMISSION licence?
  • Does 1xBet posses a betting licence?
    Yes, a Curacao eGaming licence.
  • Does 1xBet accept English?
    Yes, you can give your real postal address in England.
  • Why is the website no blocked?
    The website is blocked, but you can register with one of the link on the present website, you will have access to the bookmaker. 1xbet regularly change its internet address to avoid being blocked by the GAMBLING COMISSION.
  • In case of problem, who do I have to contact?
    First try to settle the dispute with the 1XBET support. If it doesn’t work, you will have to go to an English court, exactly as it was an English bookmaker, the GAMBLING COMISSION is of no help for the individuals anyway.
  • Can I withdraw my benefits?
    Yes, there is no problem and the payment solutions are numerous.
  • What is the minimum deposit?
  • What is the minimum amount to gamble?
    Between £0.30 and £1.50 in function of the type of bet.
  • On what can I gamble with soccer?
    Not limited list: 1x2, double chance, Total, Asian Total, Handicap, Asian Handicap, Total 1, Total 2, Next goal, Both team score, How the goal will be score, Exact Score, Goal up to the minute, Result of the minute actually played, Faults, Draw, Half Time-End, Goal in the time interval – Yes goal in the score interval – No, Scores in both half-times, Half-Time, Total interval, Goal in both of the half-time, First goal of the game, Second goal of the game, Total of Team 1 HT-End, Total of Team 2 HT-End, First point, Goal against its team, Half-Time/Half-Time, The first goal period, Goal on the Half-Time, 3 Total issues, Individual Total, 1 Even/Odd, Individual Total, 2 Even/Odd, Total of goals minutes, which players will score the goal, Goal in the time interval, 10 minutes total, Goal after the minute – Yes/No, Last goal, Replacing player will score, A player will score a hat trick, Came back to score and win the game, One team will win with a difference of 1,2,3 or more, Every team will score in total Less than / More than, Win in minutes, Win or draw in minute, Minute handicap, Total in minutes, Goal during additional time, HT-End + Total, Win without takin a goal + Total, at least a team doesn’t score + Total, Win with a difference of, Result and both team score, Goal in the interval of time, Yes/No, Goal of the team in every Half Time, Win with exactly a goal of difference or draw, … corners etc.
  • On which sport gamble?
    All of them, even pool, chess and eSport.
  • On which other game type can I bet?
    Every casino game, poker excepted.
  • Does the website accept Neteller and Skrill?
    Yes but only to withdraw.
  • Does the website accept bitcoins?
  • Does the website accept PayPal?
  • What worth the odds?
    It’s a great point of the website, they are very high, at the same level than Pinnacle.
  • Does the website propose live betting?
    Yes, with more than 50 options on most of the sports.
  • Can I watch the games in live?
    Yes, up to 4 in the same time, and for free.
  • Is there a mobile app?
    Yes, for Android, iPad, iPhone and Windows Phone.
  • Is there a mobile version of the website?
  • When did the betting website open?
    In 2011.
  • Are there fees on money transfer?
    Not from 1XBET.
  • Is it possible to configure the website interface?
    No, only the filters, or going through the mobile app.
  • What is the bonus?
    The welcome bonus is of 100 % to unlock on combined bets.
  • Are there any regular promotions?
    Yes, in addition of the welcome bonus.
  • Are there any combined bets?
    Yes, even between different sports.
  • Are there special bets?
  • Are there handicap bets?
  • Are there insurance?
  • Are there Jackpot grid?
  • Is it possible to make trade betting?
  • Can we play the lottery?
  • Can we make system bets?
  • Is the website in English?
    Yes, almost completely.
  • Is the support in English?
  • How do I contact support?
    By live chat, phone or email.
  • Which documents do I need to register?
    ID card or passport.
  • What’s the « Issued by » of the passport?
    It’s the place of delivery.
  • How can I enter my phone number?
    Select the phone code and insert the phone number with the first 0.
  • What is the best withdrawal solution?
    You should prefer an electronic wallet like Neteller or ecoPaz, it’s secured, immediate and discreet.
  • Does 1XBET communicate the player’s information’s to the English administration?
    No, because it’s not officially legal and that the information’s exchange agreements are only available in Europe.


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